Rice & beans at Ajo Y Oregano

I’ve never waited an hour for food (I start protesting at 45mins). Add in that this particular wait happened in the early afternoon, on a weekday, on White Plains Road in the Bronx…well, if someone had told me what I was about to go through, I would have thought they were lying. But now I […]

Vegan Patacon at La Masa

Owner Josh Montalvo opened up his Colombian restaurant in the Morris Park section of the Bronx with a few things in mind. One of the most important ones was to offer vegan options while not sacrificing any Colombian flavors. What I love about the BX food scene is that the local spots – the ones […]

Tacos al pastor at Aguilar's Mexican Grocery

This is, for all intents and purposes, a true Mexican grocery store dressed up as a classic NYC bodega. You’ll find shelves adorned with Mexican products and a small selection of imported colas (including Mexican versions of Coke & Pepsi – which are hands down superior to the ones produced anywhere else). Its humble location […]

Vegetarian Enchiladas at De Mole

Chef Jose Luis Flores has every single reason to be proud of what he’s brought to Williamsburg’s restaurant scene. The food at De Mole is some of the best Mexican in NYC, period. It’s also one of the best first date spots in the city (especially if you want to keep it somewhat casual), with […]

Lomo Saltado at Elite Williamsburg

Elite Williamsburg is an interesting “restaurant” in the sense that it’s clearly a club, and then somehow during construction a bar and restaurant fell smack dab in the middle of it all. It’s been lively every time I’ve stopped by. A bouncer – sorry, doorman – greets you at the front. When you walk up […]

Truffle Mac & Cheese Sandwich at Next Stop Vegan

I’ve been following Next Stop Vegan for years and have always been impressed with their dedication to bringing vegan options to the Bronx and their awareness of meat’s impact on the environment.  I’ve sampled some of their food in the past (specifically their Vegan Chimi Burger) and I was excited to head over to their […]

Sopa de Marisco at Seis Vecinos

Seis Vecinos made me do something I thought I’d never do: eat a whole fish, face and all. And it was absolutely delicious. On previous trips to this Central American and Mexican restaurant, I’ve tasted Baleadas (a traditional Honduran handmade flour tortilla stuffed with mashed refried beans, crema, and crumbled cheese with your choice of […]

Fried pork, fried plantains, rice & beans at 188 Cuchifritos

I’ve lived in NYC my entire life, but I only first heard about 188 Bakery Cuchifritos in 2019 from Anthony Bourdain of all people. He made a visit on “Parts Unknown,” and I immediately knew I had to make a pilgrimage. Not to say that it would be out of the ordinary to hear about […]

Picadera at Puerto Viejo

Serving up some straight-up, slammin’, classic Dominican dishes that I could not recommend enough, this spot’s amazing food is only matched by their awesome staff (family-owned and almost entirely family run).  I just keep coming back, and at this point, I absolutely intend to taste the entire menu. First and foremost, you MUST have their […]

A plate of Plantain Chips & Guac at Imani Brooklyn

Serving up a litany of Caribbean dishes packed with flavor such as plantain chips with guacamole, jerk chicken & fish tacos, Imani is a spot you have to visit whenever you’re in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, or live in the borough. Executive Chef and part owner Chef Banta, has done an amazing job curating a menu […]