This is Urbanoire’s Privacy Policy!

**Urbanoire (hereinafter referred to as “we”, “us” or “our” has the utmost regard for your privacy and prioritizes the safety of your information. This privacy policy outlines our practices as it relates to personal information obtained to run our website, systems, applications, social media accounts, and other services (collectively, “the services”) and applies to users (individually, “you”) and visitors. Your utilization of our services is governed by Urbanoire’s Terms of Service.

As the go to site for well-loved black dining recommendations, Urbanoire connects users with restaurants. This may at times involve sharing personal information with third parties, including restaurants and food affiliates, amongst others. In some cases, these third parties may collect personal information directly from you and share it with us. This Privacy Policy does not apply to any products, services, websites, or content that are offered by third parties (“Third Party Services”), which are governed by their respective privacy policies.

This privacy policy must be reviewed with other privacy policies or fair processing notices that may be furnished to you at particular times when information regarding you is being gathered or processed to ensure that you are fully informed about the reasons why your data is being utilized and how it is used.

For easy reading, the privacy policy is arranged in a layered format so you can click on the particular areas listed below:


These are the types of information regarding you that we may collect:

  • Identity data, comprising your name or other related descriptions
  • Contact data, comprising address, telephone numbers, and email address.
  • Financial data, comprising credit card, debit card, or other payment card details
  • Usage data, comprising information on your utilization of our Services and sister sites and advertising that is served on those sites.  
  • Marketing and communications data, comprising your preferred manner of receiving marketing. 
  • Transaction data, comprising information concerning payments to and from you. 
  • Technical data, which includes location data, internet protocol (IP) address, login data, and browser and device information.
  • Profile data, comprising food allergies and preferred choices, dining interests, and your username and password.


Information related to you may be collected in multiple ways, which consist of the following:

Direct Interactions: When you register or correspond with us, your information is collected. This covers information that is given when:

  • you open an account with us.
  • you take out a subscription to our publications and other offerings.
  • you use our services to schedule a reservation.
  • you accept and use our promotional offers.
  • you offer us your assessment of our services 
  • you ask to receive marketing.

Using our services: Technical and Usage Data regarding your utilization of our services may be immediately gathered while you utilize our offerings. We might gather information in the following ways:

  • Cookies and other technologies: Cookies, which are a technology that puts a minute quantity of information on a website user’s device to allow the website to remember other visits made with that computer in time to come, may be utilized by the services. Also, related technologies (comprising, but not restricted to, tracking pixels, to be explained further, and similar anonymous identifies) may be utilized to collect information like your IP address and location data as it pertains to you to tailor-make your visit to our website suit your needs and improve our services. Our ***Cookie Policy has further details.
  • Interest-Based Advertising: Whenever our website or other websites is visited by you, the services of third-party vendors may be employed to utilize your information in conjunction with theirs to bring specific advertisements aimed at you. An instance is when our vendor causes advertisements related to a specific product whose information you searched for to appear on other websites you visit. This advertising format is called “Behavioral Advertising” and the entire procedure may involve the use of cookies. While this form of advertising is generally seen as helpful since it ensures that ads which concern your web activities are seen by you, you have the option of refusing these interest-based advertisements. The “CUSTOMER CHOICES” section below has more information.  
  • Clickstream data: Data related to your preferred browsing software and computer type and the address of the last website you visited are gathered by websites whenever you are on the web. Clickstream data may be gathered and processed to help in the discrete calculation of the amount of time spent by visitors on every separate page of our website, how visitors move through the website, and how the website may be customized to suit visitors’ desires. This information might help increase the quality of our services. This will be discreetly done without information concerning you being deliberately included. 
  • Location data: The latitude and longitude coordinates of your internet-enabled device will be obtained with your approval whenever you search to look into the availability of restaurants online. This information is gathered solely when the app is in use and it aids in increasing the applicability of search results while making the restaurant reservation procedure more efficient. General geographic information is also used to pinpoint the exact city being visited by the user so that the Services are made more important. See the “CUSTOMER CHOICES” section below if you want to reject location tracking. 

Gathering of personal information/data from third parties: Your personal information and data are also collected by us from different public sources and third parties.

  • Your information will be conveyed from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others if you join our services through any social media website. 
  • Data concerning previous guests will be obtained from any new restaurant that joins us and transferred to our Services, specifically in the new restaurant’s guestbook.
  • Data like notes, tags and other metadata related to your dining experience and behavioral patterns will be taken from partner restaurants.


Your information is utilized to effectively carry out our services and for the following purposes:

  • Carrying out a contract with you;
  • Carrying out particular services you asked for;  
  • Answering your queries;
  • Engaging in collaborative marketing with other financial companies;
  • Facilitating our affiliates daily business goals;
  • Where it is needed for our genuine interests without your interests and fundamental rights superseding ours; 
  • To give Urbanoire marketing materials to you; 
  • Where the observance of a legal or regulatory duty has to be ensured; and
  • In different ways demanded or allowed by law or via your approval

Your information will only be shared with third parties upon your approval or as stated forthwith:

  • Your information will be given to restaurants, bodies associated with them, and third parties not connected with Urbanoire (as explained in the Terms of Service) anytime a dining request is demanded by you using our Services. This is inclusive of times when a reservation is made and your assessment is given using our provided channels, like a survey. Particular details of your information including your name, contact information, dining profile and predilections, time and date of your reservation, size of the group you will dine with, and other information you give either at the point of reservation or during your post-meal assessment will be shared with the restaurant. Urbanoire or the restaurant you visit might give out your information to associated businesses like other restaurants within the restaurant group so that you enjoy premium hospitality with services like enhanced tables and shift planning whenever you visit them. If approved by the relevant laws, the restaurant and their associated businesses might give your information to their partners to aid processes like analytics and customized marketing.  
  • Your debit card, credit card, and other payment card details might be asked for to enable you to access particular services. When your payment details are tendered using our services, you agree to your information being shared among restaurants, third-party payment processors, and other third-party service providers, within the limits allowed by relevant law.
  • To transfer, sell or conjoin portions of our assets or business to third parties who have been selected by us to do so. Otherwise, we may look towards buying other businesses or joining them, if we are involved in a bankruptcy proceeding or there are changes in the overseeing of the business. 
  • To give out your information to third parties to aid the probe of improper or illegal uses or activities, suspected sharp practices, abuse or other forms of disregard for any law, rule or regulation, or the protocol for the services, or to keep the Services secure or unimpeachable. 
  • To businesses that are associated with us, like the American Express family of companies.
  • To ensure a steady provision of services like a website, application development, maintenance, hosting, and others from third-party services. The third parties may obtain and utilize your information while giving us these services. The information these third parties have access to is generally curtailed to what is needed for them to carry out their tasks, they are mandated by us to agree to keep the information secret. 
  • To answer petitions if we are part of a legal proceeding or appeals made by our regulators and law enforcement,
  • Where it is needed by third parties to probe and rectify technical issues and faults in the Services.

Please check the “ADDITIONAL DISCLOSURES FOR EU RESIDENTS” section if you live in the European Union.


URL connections to third-party websites, applications, and plug-ins may be added by the services. By clicking on them, you grant permission to third parties to obtain your information or give it out. The third-party websites are not under our charge nor are we answerable for the contents of their privacy policies. It is advised that you pay close attention to the privacy policy of every website you frequent. 

Social networking services may intersect with the services, we are not responsible for these services, neither are we accountable for how they work or utilize data. Although we might give you the means to utilize such services in conjunction with our Services, we expect the third-party services to work using their terms and conditions and privacy policies as a guide. 

Be informed that information put up of your own volition and transmitted online in a forum open to the public like blogs and social networks will be seen and utilized by members of the public. The utilization of your information cannot be managed by us and whenever you use such services, know that your information is being seen and utilized by third parties and you agree to it. 


Your details will be kept secret and unless relevant laws state otherwise, only persons who might need particular data from you to carry out their business operations might be permitted to view and/or make use of your data.  We abide by industry regulations and utilize administrative, technical, and physical security policies to within reason, safeguard your details from disallowed access, utilization, alteration, decimation, or divulgence. The same industry regulation data protection policies are mandated to be followed by third parties who we allow to compute your information for us. 


Information concerning you will only be kept by us for the duration of time required to meet our reasons for obtaining your data. These reasons could be the fulfillment of legal, reporting, or accounting obligations placed on us. To accurately decide the proper period within which your information could be in our possession, we examine the quantity, form, and delicate nature of the information, the possibility of harm occurring from an unpermitted use or divulgence of your details, the goals we hope to meet from our utilization of your data and whether these goals can be met through different methods, and the relevant legal requirements needed to do so.  

In certain situations, your information may be made incognito (so it will stop being linked with you) on research or statistical grounds. Where this happens, we may use and keep this information for an illimitable amount of time without informing you.  

In the case that your account is shut down, we may follow the procedure for erasing particular information, but it is within our rights to keep and use the data for the period necessary for adhering to relevant laws. We will keep utilizing and divulging information following the terms of this privacy policy.


  • Withdrawing your subscription to our email messages To stop receiving our promotional emails, you could either send us an unsubscribe request to urbanoire@gmail.com or click on the unsubscribe option at the bottom of the promotional email. Your request will be worked on within the period specified by relevant law. 
  • Ending the sharing of your information with third parties for use in marketing. By sending an email to ****, you can state your refusal to have your information divulged to third parties who may wish to utilize your data for direct marketing. Where this is done, particular parts of the Services may not be at your disposal again. Your request will be worked on within a fair amount of time from when it is received.
  • Ending the divulgence of your information to affiliates.  If you wish to have your personal information kept away from our affiliates, like restaurants and their affiliates, as well as other third parties not affiliated with Urbanoire, who might utilize your data while engaging in direct marketing, send an email to urbanoire@gmail.com. Where this is done, particular parts of the Services may not be at your disposal again. Your request will be worked on within a fair amount of time from when it is received.
  •  Ending interest-based advertising There is a service furnished by the online advertising industry that allows you to put a stop to the receipt of ads aimed at you, sent by particular data partners and other advertising partners who take part in self-regulatory schemes. We abide by the U.S Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioural Advertising outlined by the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) and the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA). To stop getting interest-based advertising created by specific providers by visiting www.aboutads.info/consumers. However, you must carry out cookie-based opt-outs on every device you wish to stop receiving ads about. You must decline on each device you use. If you reside in the EU and have given your approval to our use of cookies and related technologies, you can optimize the EDAA’s opt-out tool to decline your receipt of interest-based ads.
  • Ending cookies Please check your web browser preferences and modify the same if you wish to put an end to or limit the placement of cookies or expel the cookies already in your device or computer. You can get additional knowledge of cookies at www.allaboutcookies.org. When you delete our cookies or stop future cookies, your ease of access to specific areas or features of our Services or some of its uses may be disturbed. We do not use cookies and related materials to extract your personal information or data while you are unaware of such. Our cookie policy has additional details about cookies.
  • Ending location tracking The settings of your mobile device may be modified to permit or limit the sharing of your location. For instance, using the “location” permissions on your mobile device, you may choose to stop us from ever having your location information, to share such information only within the period when you are using the app, or always share your location information while the app is not being used. Certain features of our Services meant solely for mobile devices might be out of your reach if you do not share your location information. Furthermore, even if you limit the sharing of your location information, we might still use the IP address used to access our services to calculate your general location.