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We cover dining experiences from the palate of black and brown diners 

A Melanin-trusted Dining Guide

No more getting lost digging through the internet. We’re covering elements like vibe, belonging, and cultural palate in our dining advice to make finding the perfect restaurant easier than ever. With curated reviews and a unique rating scale, we offer a gold-standard for black and brown dining experiences. 

A Range of Dining 

Come to us for your guide to everything from luxury dining where you’ll feel like the most important guest in the room, to bars and coffee shops that act more like community hubs than business establishments. 

Behind the Review

We mine from trusted community members across our core cities. They’ve got you covered, whether you’re looking for authentic jerk chicken vouched for by Jamaican experts, or delicious new takes on anything from ravioli to ramen. 

Money’s Worth 

We don’t let gloss and glitz distract us from places with real soul. And we don’t put profit over people. Instead, we’re imagining a different kind of food culture oriented towards communion, rather than consumption. 

Do Business with Us

If you’re a restaurateur, food blogger, or in the industry, we’ll connect you to future patrons from across the diaspora and beyond, whether that’s newcomers to the city, or new members of the neighborhood. We’ll give you access to our diverse network of chefs and entrepreneurs from across the country to help you make industry connections, trade advice, and even spark future collaborations.